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My 4 and a 1/2 songwriting tips.

When I was starting to write songs about a decade ago Rosanne Cash contributed to a blog about songwriting that I enjoyed. She was on CBC’s Q today talking about writing her latest album so I thought I could pass along

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My final word on the ‘friendzone’ controversy

Not much offends me. I’m more often accused of having no feelings or decency. But I’ve seen a few anti Nice Guy posts around the net lately and as a reformed Nice Guy it really pisses me off. “Like women

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Villain Stories and why I’ve never seen a good one

Everyone roots for the bad guy, right? Darth Vader, the Joker, Freddy Kruger, we all love the villain. At least we think we do, we love ’em when they’re turned into one-liner joke machines or tragic misunderstood good guys. What

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Another Broke Musician

Starting a blog to centralize my ranting rather than splitting ideas between reverbnation and my two facebook pages. Expect atheism, gender issues, psychology, marketing, and tons of music – local, historical, and personal.

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