Let’s Get Over Calling Someone “A Random”

ImageI really hope that’s a typo and people aren’t actually abbreviating the abbreviation “Some Random” to “Some Rando”

It’s short for “Some Random Person” by the way and I can’t imagine anything more clearly objectifying and dehumanizing than removing the word Person from a description of a person. And you’ll notice it’s often “Just Some Random” Reductive again.

as in “I threw a drink at a guy on the street!”

“Oh whoa who was it?”

“Just some random.”

You’ve had conversations like that. Now imagine it as:

“I threw a drink at David McBride, unmarried soon-to-be-father who works sixty hours a week and loves Iron Maiden.”

“That’s terrible.”

“No, it’s okay because I don’t know him personally.”

Just Some Random. Not even a random dude/chick, that’s too much identity to give isn’t it, afraid it might create some empathy? This is the breakdown of citizenship Socrates feared. I assume. From now on I’m going to be that guy whenever someone uses the phrase I’m going to get really facetious and say “A Random what, a random pine-cone?” Until the speaker admits they’re talking about a person, maybe a person who’s day they thought it was okay to ruin because it was just some random.

Also don’t use predator drones to blow up weddings, that’s the point of that comic, but I shouldn’t have to say that, right? None of us do that? Tony?


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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One comment on “Let’s Get Over Calling Someone “A Random”
  1. shiva1008 says:

    I agree man, calling someone random is just an excuse not to have empathy for them as a human being. We are moving towards a tribal existence where people only care about their limited social group and universal higher principles are not acknowledged. Those who actually care about higher principles are increasingly on the losing end in this continual race to the bottom. It’s a tragedy of the commons issue where everyone loses because the quality of civilization is eventually reduced for everyone.

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