Planning my CD release party for April 25th (1)

So just like last CD Release -and most things in my life- I set a deadline and gave myself plenty of time to do everything. Aaaand now I’m scrambling.

I feel like a record needs be structured as a whole not just be a collection of songs and I realized this record was uneven. So I wrote some more songs and I’m going in to the studio on the 31st to finish the grandiose masterpiece of self-indulgent douchery.

The artwork for the album last time I left until the day I needed to order CDs. Fitzy was the only somebody-who-knows-photoshop I knew and he did it for a craft beer called Hoptimus Prime while we watched Girls Bravo. This time I had a great plan for the cover and talked to a couple photography studios who were not helpful so I said fuck it and now I’ll pretty much figure it out last minute. I still haven’t seen the ending of Girls Bravo.

Last release party was a fucking blast, for sure. I drank a glass of jager on stage thanks to Fitzy. I had the night booked at Vern’s, I wanted Dave Drebit to open but he was at the Louvre or some shit, 1/2 of Black Earth did an acoustic set that we all loved, and of course Clint kept asking if he could add out-of-town bands on the bill. Which if you were there you was awful. Everyone bailed when Deafwish started “playing”. On the twenty fifth Deluge is on tour so no Dave or Tony. I asked Spencer Jo because I think he’s a local music hero and The River Jacks are amazing but no dice. So as of yet I have no opening band and Clint has asked to put one out-of-town band on the bill. I’d never ever say no. I wouldn’t want that karma and I’m always curious to see new bands.

One thing that effects the search for an opener is I’m thinking about getting a group together so I can play the non-acoustic songs. Logic being if I have a band the opener can be a full band but if I’m solo the opener should be solo too. Because, general tip, it’s way too easy to ignore something if it’s not louder than the thing before. That’s rock n’ roll. Putting a group together, less so with a one off but still, is a fresh hell. You have everyone you need on paper; quarterback, receivers, defensemen, then at game time one of your receivers is suddenly an outfielder and the quarterback thinks we’re bowling and the whole thing falls apart right there on the race track. That’s also rock n’ roll.

So right now I have none of the things I need except a venue, let the scrambling begin.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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