Planning my CD Release Party for April 25th (part ll)

ImageArtwork done! After some dicey computer nonsense the photos Simone took and the curating that Pete Justine did in photoshop the artwork is done. Which also means the track sequence is set in stone. Hi-res digital stone. I obsess about track order on albums I love so I drive myself insane thinking about it on my own. I probably changed it every single day since I started writing the first songs in October. Now that part is over. Recording is, you know, not over but that’s of equal or lesser value to which picture of me I put next to a list of titles.

Recording launches on the 31st for the final two stories to be added.

As the party goes Fitzy mentioned the New Shotgun Dolls might want to play so I’m thinking Out-of-town-band, The Cavern (AKA New Shotgun Dolls which I will probably always call them) and then me with the band I put together. I’m feeling like a trio.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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