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Listening to the discography of The Cure

The Cure is one of those bands I love, really love, that I didn’t own anything by. Sometimes a band’s back catalog is so extensive you just don’t know where to start. I mean, I could walk into a record

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Cd release party wrap notes

My head is so mad at me this morning. we went to bed around four and my body just won’t understand that I can sleep passed nine a.m. After a night of professional level drinking there’s something confusing when you

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Planning My CD Release party for April 25th (Already feeling like a winner edition)

Well it’s been a good week and yesterday was a good day. The cd for Nine Chains To The Moon has come in and I’ve been basking and celebrating and in general feeling good. Seeing that my songs are occasionally

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Planning My CD Release for April 25th (Operation Take Over The Internet)

My browser has had five tabs open for the last three days uploading music everywhere. Youtube 20%, soundcloud 80%, Bandzoogle 50%, Reverbnation 35%, meanwhile I’m making videos, re-writing my bio, updating (remember that old relic?). I’m Alastair Robertson 4

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On The Elementary School Boy Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Remember this? A six year old boy kissed a girl at school and got suspended for sexual harassment. I still think about it from time to time because in the discussion I had two reactions. The first being the prevailing

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Alastair talks about ‘our scene’ and envys the hip hop community

Once, long ago, in the pre-netflix channels surfing days of cable I saw a bit of American Idol, the early try-out portion that’s about laughing at the deluded and talentless. I had this vision of one of these 22 year

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The Science Of Art

The Science Of Art Jonathan Gottschall wants to retire the idea that there can be no science of art. I’ve been thinking about it since I read this last week and wanted to rebut and Jon gets it totally. I’ll

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