On The Elementary School Boy Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Remember this? A six year old boy kissed a girl at school and got suspended for sexual harassment. I still think about it from time to time because in the discussion I had two reactions. The first being the prevailing opinion that Sexual Harassment is hefty term to throw at a six year old and a worry about what this is going to teach the boy, maybe give him a fear of expressing affection or to demonize his own sexuality. Unlike the radio host and callers I was listening to though I had a second thought. That if you don’t correct, and therefore encourage, that behavior that’s the kid who grows up into the douche bag you hear barking at women from moving cars.

And this is why it’s clear we still have a problem with patriarchy, it took a minute for it to dawn on me -and it never dawned on any of the mothers calling in to the radio to say the school was crazy- What would this teach the girl? Especially if he wasn’t punished?

Firstly, it’s no one’s job to be life lessons for others. Not him for her, you for me, nobody. Who could look at a little girl and say “It’s okay, he’s just learning, you’re an object to enable his growth. Isn’t that special?” and if you’re going to convey that the boy didn’t do anything wrong because he meant to be affectionate and she should just accept that, what is she going to think when it’s someone like her gym teacher making her uncomfortable?

But I think the distraction really came out a knee jerk reaction that schools are always wrong. They’re just misguided hyper liberal lawsuit fearing idiots and can’t possibly be right.


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