Planning My CD Release for April 25th (Operation Take Over The Internet)

My browser has had five tabs open for the last three days uploading music everywhere. Youtube 20%, soundcloud 80%, Bandzoogle 50%, Reverbnation 35%, meanwhile I’m making videos, re-writing my bio, updating (remember that old relic?). I’m Alastair Robertson 4 on Soundcloud, I haven’t taken the time to see if I’m better than the other three yet.

Fun fact about The Summer Sisters. When I got the tracks for Nine Chains from Brad last week I was organized and prepared but back in the era of Richmond Road I had no plan for sorting the files and shit. So when I was uploading those old tracks I was unaware that there were two versions of The Summer Sisters. For those who in the know, there’s the original lyrics, and the current version with Casey and Darla. But when I recorded at the station in Feb 2013 I did a different take singing the names Amy and Kelsey (for real life friends of mine who had been at a recent show). As I was uploading dozens of tracks all over the place that version got mixed in somehow, so on Soundcloud at least there’s the alternate take with different lyrics and no backing vocals. And for those really, really, in the know there is a video from Vern’s way back where I sang the original lyrics. don’t tell the Stuart Sisters.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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