Cd release party wrap notes

My head is so mad at me this morning. we went to bed around four and my body just won’t understand that I can sleep passed nine a.m. After a night of professional level drinking there’s something confusing when you first become aware of your own existence in the morning. I laughed when I thought about last night though. I can’t speak for anyone else, I won’t even say if it was a good show or not, that will be written by the converging public opinions of the eye witnesses, but I can say I had a fucking blast, I got what I wanted. I joked early in the night that I would just play requests until Clint flipped and kicked us all out then that’s exactly what happened. I played for two hours, burned the audience down to the very last cinders til Clint stopped serving us at two thirty so we all hugged and went home. My tab was less than my CD income so I guess that’s a win too.

My Voice

Oh the fragility of the human voice. I took care of my voice the whole night, I chose to work the door so that I wouldn’t be drinking and talking over the music or cheering at the front of the stage. And if you had grabbed me 10 minutes earlier I could have sang anybodies face off but I had a plan I was following thru on. I knew I wanted to do the stomp-and-clap thing and other showman extravaganza stuff and I’d have to get into a certain headspace to do it. Which meant during the final two songs of Wood Hawk’s set I drank three bottles of beer and did three shots of jager. I picked up my guitar when Wood Hawk was loading off and I had the voice of a thousand year old man. It was just gone. I was successfully in a great mood though. Luckily Fitzy and Rafi were singing along and everyone joined them and my voice didn’t have to carry the show, the crowd was the show. Rafi yelled out for Run By Smash Face and Mark Russell yelled out not to. I guess it was even before that though I’d decided to play every request because it would keep people singing along.

The Other Bands

I’ll get off my self-indulgent stream-of-consciousness for a minute and shout out to Molotov Smile – whom I hadn’t heard before and are awesome. Reject I’ve seen before, shared a stage with back in Caught Off Guard, last night though was the best I’ve seen them. Simone and others who’d seen them prior agreed that it was a cut above the other times as well so good for them. And Wood Hawk. They sound like the Shotgun dolls obviously but really next level. There was one song, I’m sad I didn’t catch the title when Turner said it after he said “This song’s about being lost in the desert.” It was truly next level compared to the Shotgun Dolls. And I’m someone who often said Shotgun might be the best band in this city so, to be clear, I think very highly of Wood Hawk.

On Playing for 2 hours

I felt a bit bad when Mark Russell showed up to see me because I wasn’t planning on playing a ‘good’ set, or a normal set. I wasn’t out to give shining renditions of the songs and win anybody over. It was a victory lap. I was there to bask in self-indulgence and for the people who know me and understood that it was a blast but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone even slightly outside my circle thought the whole thing was amateurish and stupid. Like I said though my voice was shot so better to broadcast fun rather than be serious and let the audience down. At one point Towelie was telling me the show was peaking and I should wrap it up, go out on a high note, leave’em wanting more, but I was locked into this idea that I’d play everything anyone wanted and keep going for as long as possible. I owe Zach a drink because he requested Something Vague by Bright Eyes which is the first song I ever learned to play but I haven’t even thought about it in years and I couldn’t bust it out. I need to brush up my Disney Ninja’s songs too because I had to turn down those requests too.


To everyone. It was a great night of fun and my friends who came and who stuck around just to indulge me you’re all wonderful. I hope we can keep raising our voices together forever.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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