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An Addendum To My Retort (#NotAllMen, #YesAllWomen, etc)

We’re still in “The Wake Of A Tragedy” but the emotion has settled a bit and the best writing on the subject is rising to the top. Movies, music and Modern Masculinity The first two links are about pop culture

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A retort.

The Blog That Inspired This I’m going to say something that should be obvious: a minority of men think about women in quite this violent and hateful a way. An even smaller minority act on that violence so brazenly. But

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just another white privileged rant

Gay man says things to straight people I enjoy reversing things and seeing different sides but this video is a symptom of something that bothers me. For a lot of the far-social-left there just is no right answer. Some of

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A thing that happens in stories

So many Twilight Zone episodes, TNG episodes, really any serial story does a show where a character wakes up in an ideal life that isn’t theirs and they reject it. Bruce Wayne wakes up and his parents are alive, he’s

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Some Further Songwriting Advice

write for other projects and other people – I wrote serious songs. Gran was the catchiest one and it’s still a pretty dark song if you listen to the lyrics. I also wrote very slowly, those kinds of songs aren’t

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Listening to the discography of The Cure: albums two and three

The second Cure album Seventeen Seconds I really didn’t like on first listen. It felt plodding and unfocused. In the third and fourth play-throughs it had grown on me a bit but after listening to Faith, the third album, it didn’t matter.

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Some Anti Advice

I read advice and self-improvement things all the time, I’m addicted to self-improvement. 7 ways to make the most of your morning? Click. 8 foods you should stop eating if you want to have more energy? Click. So naturally I

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