What’s on the horizon for singer/songwriter Alastair Robertson

ImageRight before the CD release party I found out I won a FolkFest songwriting contest and was asked to play at The Ship & Anchor with the other winners on May 19th. It really took the pressure off the release because I had a bigger thing on the other side of it to look forward to. Then the day of the release the mighty Mark Russell asked to me to play June 7th at The Stetson. Like I said in my wrap notes about the release it’s an honour that Mark came down to see me play. And only threatened to stab me twice.

So Monday May 19th, Ship & Anchor. The show starts at noon, by the way, I don’t know when or for how long I’ll be playing but I’m pretty sure there’s no cover and everyone who’s playing must be good so I expect people will just make a day of it. I’m back to practicing vocals after a long illness and all I’ve got to do is show up and be great so it’s not a big worry, I’ve just got to not get nervous and choke up or so un-nervous that it’s a lack luster performance. What is on my mind is ‘remember to make friends’. Which I’ve been able to do on purpose. I’ve had good shows and bad so I know the recipe and I don’t worry too much, but deliberately meeting people I’ve only done badly so I’m still dialing it in. I was pretty gregarious at the bookstore show though and I’m proud of myself, I was very consciously practicing talking about myself to strangers that night. Wine helped. I worked the door all night at the release party too so I’d have to talk to strangers too so I’m well on my way I think.

I’m actually more preoccupied with the show June 7th at The Stetson. I’m being an inbetweener that night like Keith Morrison used to do a lot, I’m playing while bands load on/off. So noise behind me, smokers goin’ smoking, drinkers ordering drinks, everybody goin’ pee, and I might need to do 1 song or 5 depending on a lot of different factors. And my voice has got to hold out the entire night. Mark wanted me to play a normal set but by the time we talked the bill was already full. He offered me this and I immediately said yes while all these things were crossing my mind because, dude, it’s the Beer Core. I think it’s cool that playing all those Monday nights with Keith and Jim lead to this opportunity.

So there you go, two exciting challenges ahead. And as for the future beyond that I’m reveling in the fact that June will be the first month this year I don’t have to give any money to the studio but soon I’ll have to get Brad mixing and mastering the unreleased tracks from both albums to do an EP soon enough, and today I demoed the first song in the batch of about 18 ideas that will lead to the third album.

So the future is bright, the state of the union is strong.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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