Listening to the discography of The Cure: albums two and three

The second Cure album Seventeen Seconds I really didn’t like on first listen. It felt plodding and unfocused. In the third and fourth play-throughs it had grown on me a bit but after listening to Faith, the third album, it didn’t matter.

Faith is a good goth album. I’m a fan of a modern Cure-inspired band called The Never Ending White Lights and their album Act two and The Cure is what that would sound like in 1980. Some synthesizers but mostly real, imperfect organs. No vocal layering or effects other than tape echo. It’s not lush by today’s musical definitions but the songs can feel immense when they want to. It’s a slow, sad record for sure but I also found it quite peaceful to listen to. Especially the song Funeral Party, I’m sure it helps that I was listening to it on a rainy day on the bus home from work when I tend to drift off so I found comfort in the repetition and understated vocals. Slipping into a coma and want to feel glamourously cool about it? Then Faith is the record for you.

Up next the bands masterpiece Pornography when drugs. depression, and in-fighting were tearing the band apart so naturally they made the defining album of their gothic period.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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