just another white privileged rant

Gay man says things to straight people

I enjoy reversing things and seeing different sides but this video is a symptom of something that bothers me. For a lot of the far-social-left there just is no right answer. Some of the things he quotes are people trying to empathize or show acceptance and he, like many others, is focused on confrontation. Try to demonstrate that you’re not homophobic? How fucking dare you, have some mockery.

This goes back to when I mention poet Alex Dang’s drastic over reaction to the phrase “What kind of Asian are you?” (to summarize my point, it’s not a war crime, Alex.) Or a this where a comedian makes a complete ass of herself in response to that same ignorant but ultimately harmless question.

I can speak for a lot of us “privileged” straight white men when I say just tell us how to act, how to be polite and sensitive, and it’s yours. That’s all most of us are trying to do. The vast majority of people on this planet aspire to polite in social situations.

The closest thing I can relate it to: I had a friend pass away and in the initial burst of grief I took a day off work. When I went back the next day I noticed a lot of people would mention they had an uncle in the hospital, their grandmother died last year, their dog has cancer, etc., and it bugged the shit out of me. I never did but I was increasingly tempted to yell This Is Not A Contest. I felt like they were telling me what they had gone through was as bad as what I was going through and telling me to handle it as well as they were. What a bunch of shitbags. Luckily I never did say anything, or make a youtube video, because about a year later someone mentioned to me that they had just lost someone and my first instinct was to talk about my friend who’d died. I had to stop myself in fact, it was so automatic. And I realized my co-workers weren’t telling me to buck up or anything like that, they were hoping to show some connection.

So gay and/or Asian comedians, why do you take things in the spirit they’re intended rather than picking on well meaning dumb people?


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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