An Addendum To My Retort (#NotAllMen, #YesAllWomen, etc)

We’re still in “The Wake Of A Tragedy” but the emotion has settled a bit and the best writing on the subject is rising to the top.

Movies, music and Modern Masculinity

The first two links are about pop culture and the narratives we’re fed which are dangerous when they’re ubiquitous and held up as ideal. As my own example, (and if you follow me on twitter you know) I hate when Romeo & Juliet is cited as a great love story. Seeing someone once at a social gathering and being ready to kill and die for them is not what love feels like, that’s what homicidal stalkers feel like. Romeo is madly in love with Rosaline at the start of the play. Until he sees Juliet. The next day he murders Tybalt then kills himself and his new fourteen year old bride. Happens all the time in trailer parks. Stories since then still mostly reinforce that if you rescue someone they fall in love with you, love involves pain and fighting, and other tropes that make exciting drama but have nothing in common with real, healthy relationships.

And the third link; Laci Green talks about Not All Men without blaming all men, without damning nice guys, and all the other stuff that perpetuates the battle-of-the-sexes mentality. She brings it down to something I said on this blog a long time ago. We need a Men’s Liberation Movement, not to battle feminism as so many douchebag MRA’s think, but to free young men from the cult of hyper-masculinity that was designed to make us buy things. And has since spiraled out of control as the hyper-masculine community polices itself and other men for even hetero-normative behavior. You gotta be hyper-hetero bro.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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