An Analogous Conversation About Rape Culture

Disclaimer: I’m aware this is an oversimplification and I’m aware I’m being somewhat humourous about a subject that isn’t funny, I’m just expressing an idea and this seemed like the most efficient way. So here we go.

Man: Doctors over-prescribing opiates and causing addiction, over using antibiotics and creating drug resistant strains is a real problem.

Woman: I agree, the regulatory bodies aren’t doing enough.

Man: Well… aren’t you going to do anything?

Woman: I’m not a doctor.

Man: I know you’re not a doctor, I know not all woman are doctors, but there are doctors who are woman. And anyway you’re probably a nurse or something and aren’t aware of it.

Woman: You’ve known me for 12 years. I’m a graphic designer.

Man: Close enough, and what’s worse is you’re derailing the issue and making it about you.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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One comment on “An Analogous Conversation About Rape Culture
  1. mommyx4boys says:

    Good post, you should check out the one I just did called, all men are not the same.

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