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Breaking Backwards Season 5 episodes 16,15, & 14

Felina: The Finale. So Walt is coming back from somewhere snowy, he’s tracking someone down. He’s track them down and I have no idea who they are. Gretchen and Elliot, they seem nice and normal. “If we’re gonna go that

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On Greystone Gardens: going from solo artist to band leader to essentially solo artist

There once was a band called HellCat Maggie. Then there wasn’t. Then there was again and in HC 2 we had Rob Pailer on drums. He’s a fan of my solo stuff and he mentioned that if I ever needed

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On Suicide

My earliest memories of being depressed are in the third grade. I remember my teacher taking me aside and asking what was wrong, that I looked so unhappy, like someone had died. I wanted to please her so I said

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Best weekend ever

I’m dragging myself around the apartment in a pathetic zombie-state barely able to make coffee at noon and it’s entirely worth it. Friday I went over to Mark Russel’s to set up and sound check. Couple beers later I didn’t

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