Best weekend ever

I’m dragging myself around the apartment in a pathetic zombie-state barely able to make coffee at noon and it’s entirely worth it.

Friday I went over to Mark Russel’s to set up and sound check. Couple beers later I didn’t get home until midnight. Then Saturday was the main event, I went to Mark’s right after work. Big Jim was already there and a lot of other great people so the fun started pretty much instantly. Ben showed up followed by Heather and Jay then we were really off to the races. I was pacing myself so far having one beer an hour but at six thirty it became every half hour and by seven fifteen I was double fisting. I had been planning on debuting a whole bunch of new songs so I could get some feedback and it turned fairly quickly into the drunken-Alastair-all-request-singalong like my CD release show. I find it hilarious that people like my sets so much more when it’s indulgent off-the-rails and sloppy. I played the total pandering crowd-pleasers like In’nit, Run By Smash Face, Jim’s Going To Jail. For new stuff I did play Pledge Of Allegiance, Grace Lutheran, 12:10am, and Knock’em Dead, Kid. I didn’t get any feedback other than requests for more pandering crowd pleasers but that has nothing to do with the songs and everything to do with the rowdy fun-loving drunks I playing for.

After my set, actually during my set, things get a little fuzzy. I was walking, talking, hey tony’s here, hug mark, more walking, where’d ben go, drinking, hug mark again, and all the other normal unchronological party memories until Heather and Jay threw me in the pool. That woke me up and pretty much gave me pneumonia.

Later at the Grove I threw my clothes in the dryer. I wore a pair of Josh’s jeans in the meantime that look fucking phenomenal on me. But then I’m like, if I steal josh’s jeans I’d never get to wear them because you never know when you’re going to run into josh, right? And because stealing is wrong.

The story of Sunday is just lying around the Grove with interludes of going out to retrieve food. From 11am Sunday to 3am Monday I hung out with Jay and Lauren with little doses of Sean and Josh in there.

What makes the weekend so great, and I said this to everyone at least once, was that I felt so included. So surrounded with friends, so loved, so connected to life. I wish I could live like this all the time except the amount of drinking would have to be reduced to normal human levels because the champion, truly paladin, level of drinking would kill us in days.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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