Breaking Backwards Season 5 episodes 16,15, & 14

Felina: The Finale.

So Walt is coming back from somewhere snowy, he’s tracking someone down.

He’s track them down and I have no idea who they are. Gretchen and Elliot, they seem nice and normal.

“If we’re gonna go that way, you’ll need a bigger knife.”

I’m betting those are laser pointers on tripods or something. Or held by tweakers, whatever I’m still right.

Jesse’s crafting antiques, possibly in Alaska? Nope. He’s imprisoned and cooking meth like a slave okay. Best misdirect ever.

There’s going to be something significant about that sugar packet that black haired lady picked out. Todd looks like Archie played by Matt Damon.

So that’s his wife smoking at the table? Yeah. Whoa Walt’s behind the pillar, other best misdirect.

And then Walt looked at a dude on crutches.

Nazi’s. I should have known there’d be nazi’s.

The last meeting between Walt and Jesse, fucking epic. Oh so that’s what he was building out in the desert. Okay now it’s epic. I have a feeling “Nothing happens unless you say you want this.” is significant.

Called it with the sugar packet. 2 points for me.

And Walt goes out looking at the equipment that made all happen. Welcome to Breaking Backward.

Are you a little confused? You should be, this is an odd exercise. The point here is to watch Breaking Bad, backwards, last episode to first. I’ve never seen a previous episode and only have an overheard, pop-culture knowledge. Leap frogging backward through the story. Just to see what I pick up on and how I figure things out and for you readers, who will get the most of this if you’re fans of the show, to maybe enjoy knowing things I don’t and my naive predictions. Again, welcome to Breaking Backward.

Granite State Season 5 episode 15

Okay I know that’s Saul and he’s a shady lawyer or something and Walt is angry in hiding.

The Nazi’s have Jesse and a taped confession he made for the feds. They’re surprised redhead likes that woman.

Mrs. White is being pressured like Saul said. I feel like she’s mostly innocent, she’s obviously not totally but I want to see exactly how guilty she is.

Whoa, Archie in a ski-mask is can be intimidating. But now he’s being submissive with The black haired lady. Whom I do not like.

I do like this transporter guy though.

He’s talking to his kid. I’ve heard the name Uncle Hank around before.

I assumed Jesse was about to try hanging himself when I saw he was standing on the bucket. I’m assuming that girl was a romantic interest of Jesse’s.

So Walt was gonna turn himself in but then got pissed off at the charity couple. Gotcha.

Ozymandias S5 Ep 14

is This a flashback, it feels like a flash back. I guess so.

Is this a flashback too? That’s the guy I thought was Uncle Hank in the Felina flashback so that’s good. I guess it’s not a flashback, I assumed Hank had been dead for a while.

Who’s Jane? Someone Jesse cares about who O.D’d.

Okay so there’s a DVD that discredits Hank.

This is the scene where the nazis get Jesse slave-cooking instead of killing him.

Walt’s about to try and go on the run, evidently he plans to go with his family. I just figured out Walt’s wife name is Skylar. Uh oh, well Walt doesn’t have the baby later so we’ll see how long this last.

On the phone with Skylar, this is the crazy, scary Walter White people were talking about. Before (meaning after) this he was (meaning will-be) really resigned but this is the thick of it. The tenses here are gonna get very confusing at times, welcome to breaking backwards.


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