Breaking Backward S. 5 ep. 13

“Blue is our brand”

The black haired lady is named Lidia Quail and we’ve already deduced that Todd (Aka Archie Matt Damon) has a crush on her and she isn’t above exploiting it.

And White makes the call to have Jesse killed then bam(!) opening credits. Welcome to Breaking Backward.

So Pinkman is with the cops, with Uncle Hank.

Mr. Babino. He’s a talker.

So the nazi’s killed some people in lock up at some point.

“How to flush him out.” has something to do with the girl (Andrea?) that Jesse sees get killed later. And a kid named Brock who is Jesse’s son and eats Froot Loops.

Someone said Better Call Saul. Hurray!

Hank intercepts the message Walt sent thru Andrea to Jesse. And this is somehow going to lead to the shooting in the desert. This is the cool part of watching backwards.

Someone said Better Call Saul again! And it was Saul this time. Whose body guard is missing.

Walt poisoned Brock. And ran over Emilio and Crazy 8. Whom I am now hearing about for the first time.

Walt says do not come but we know they do.

That’s right, Hank’s wife knew about the arrest but didn’t know Hank was dead. Because who the hell calls his wife when he makes a bust?

And… Nazis.


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