On U2, I guess I’m crazy

When I heard what U2 was doing my first thought was “Brilliant!” They don’t need to sell records to make records, they’re one of the richest, most business-savvy, well invested bands in the world. U2 as a corporate entity makes money even when all the members are asleep. So they make records just because they want to but how to get them out to people? If they just made them available on the web they wouldn’t gain any new fans or exposure. This way people simply have no reason not to check it out.

At least that’s what I thought. Turns out people really still hate Bono. If it was Arcade Fire I don’t think there would be quite as much vitriol. People are throwing around words like Infected and Consent as if it were really a crime for an application update to contain free content. It’s just the sample/demo that comes with the iTunes store app, you haven’t been “Forced” to do anything, you just have the option of listening to an okay record with no effort. An option they’ve only made slightly easier than it already is in this age. If you’d listen to music you didn’t buy on youtube on your phone then is this so different to warrant feeling violated?

I’ve listened to the album and been surprised how good it is. I haven’t heard anyone say they dislike it musically, I haven’t heard anyone else say they’ve listened to it. I’m sure however people will claim to hate it because, again, U2 are arrogant washed up old douche bags, right? Never mind that if you turned on X.92.9 for an hour you’d hear mostly music that sounds like this album. It sounds like current indie rock because everyone, even people who don’t realize it, are influenced by U2’s biggest records and signature sounds.

So all in all, if you don’t listen to it because you’re thinking ‘how rude!’ or if you’re just scared and angry that software updates take place on what you thought was your private, sacred phone, then you’re being a dink. But you shouldn’t be so scared of listening to music.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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