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Jian Ghomeshi, the first of probably many posts.

Where to start… Let’s start on Friday. I was at work thinking that I miss listening to Q. I really like that show and I really like Jian Ghomeshi. Okay now let’s go to Sunday when the whole thing breaks.

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sad spanish songs

There’s a point in the writing of any song when I hit a wall of frustration and I wonder how the hell I did this the fifty or so previous times. So I’ve become a bit self aware of my

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Why I use the word Loser so much

In the song Million Dollar Houses I use the word Loser only twice but it really resonated with a few people (including Big Jim who wrote about it) and when I explain I’m always explaining to myself to myself as

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What’s Going On In Greystone Gardens

I got to practice on Tuesday and I was surprised to see Towelie without a bass. He’d been adamant that he wasn’t staying on bass but I didn’t expect him to switch until we’d found a full-time bassist. Normally bands

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