What’s Going On In Greystone Gardens

I got to practice on Tuesday and I was surprised to see Towelie without a bass. He’d been adamant that he wasn’t staying on bass but I didn’t expect him to switch until we’d found a full-time bassist. Normally bands sound like shit with two guitars and no bass but I play with a clean tone and lots of warm, low end so it was sonically okay and what really surprised me was Towelie had written lead guitar parts for some songs including a new one that I dropbox’d to the guys the night before and it sounded amazing. Really locking-in on our Gaslight Pumpkins & The Sleeping Souls type sound. It’s called Songs I Wish I Didn’t Have To Write, look for a demo version soon.

So we’re on the hunt for a bass player. Towelie has some leads and I was supposed to talk to Kurt Kluba after the Dropkick Murphy’s show but I was super drunk and have no idea how he reacted when I brought it up. Classic Alastair.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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