Jian Ghomeshi, the first of probably many posts.

Where to start… Let’s start on Friday. I was at work thinking that I miss listening to Q. I really like that show and I really like Jian Ghomeshi. Okay now let’s go to Sunday when the whole thing breaks. So Jian says a cabal lead by a crazy ex is out defame him and his totally 50 shades of acceptable sexual habits. And people, idiots if you will, rush to proclaim that makes total sense. Happens everyday and Jian is the victim here.

So Jian gets sexual gratification from hitting women. He doesn’t deny it, he’s trying to claim he’s being persecuted for it. And he is. He got fired because he likes to hit and choke women and the CBC doesn’t want to be associated with that. Is that okay? I’ve seen some folks comparing this to being fired for being gay. If Jian’s actions were always consensual I still don’t think it’s the same. Let’s say I’m being interviewed by a gay Jian Ghomeshi and I’m thinking, ‘he might want to have sex with me.’ I’m fine with that. If however I’m interviewed by the real Jian I couldn’t help but think ‘if this guy dated my sister he’d put a hand over her mouth and nose until she started to pass out.’ I frown on that. And the CBC shouldn’t have to have him on their rosters out of need to be open-minded. But hey, maybe I’m on the wrong side of history.

I guess that’s all I’ve got right now.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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