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An explaination for my sexism, pants equation

I can’t stand a “Natural” argument for anything. Whenever someone implies something is normal for humans because it’s always existed in the past I usually say something like “You can’t make that claim unless you’re wearing a loincloth, chasing fresh

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Gender Binary

I find it so annoying when people fallow their gender roles. It’s just intellectual laziness. I was thinking about this video, which is hilarious and spot on, but my first thought was actually about a male friend. It’s stupid to

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Breaking Backward

If you’re just tuning in now Breaking Backward is a series of me watching Breaking Bad…backwards. The whole series, which I’ve never seen before, in reverse order. 12 Rabid Dog Walt has a black eye and is tensely entering a

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Remembrance Day

Time for the enforced social pressure to wear a poppy or risk a lecture about “Respecting The Veterans.” This time last year there was a group wearing white poppies in the name of peace and everybody flipped out. Ignoring that

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