Remembrance Day

Time for the enforced social pressure to wear a poppy or risk a lecture about “Respecting The Veterans.” This time last year there was a group wearing white poppies in the name of peace and everybody flipped out. Ignoring that it’s ludicrous to demand someone honour hard won freedom by doing what they’re told.

I’ve often thought in the past that Remembrance Day glamorizes war. Soaring music, slow motion black and white edited violence, and the adoration of a nation, that all adds up to one big recruitment pitch to young minds looking to belong. Then those brainwashed kids ostracize or worse anyone who steps out of line in the name Respecting Veterans and the cycle continues. One of the tactics of fascism that we fought against is indoctrination and that’s exactly what is going here, getting the people to police each other. And it helps to have an unquestionable sacred cow like heroism.

If we, as a culture, really respected veterans and what they fought and died for, we’d encourage freedom of thought and action even when it comes to things we hold dear, and we’d try a lot harder to stop shipping young people off to die.


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