Breaking Backward

If you’re just tuning in now Breaking Backward is a series of me watching Breaking Bad…backwards. The whole series, which I’ve never seen before, in reverse order.

12 Rabid Dog

Walt has a black eye and is tensely entering a home with gun drawn. It’s his house, I think.

Who is that fat black guy who squeals later?


That was a shitty lie, Walt.

“Jesse is upset about the boy.” So the whole kid-poisoning thing. Right now Walt doesn’t want Jesse to die.

Skylar pushes Walt to kill Jesse, I have the impression she’s a Lady Macbeth type.

Also I’ve watched too much Bojack Horseman and that’s all I can think of when Jesse speaks.

What’s the “little movie”?

I feel like I’m rooting for Hank right now, wishing it had gone his way.

I am so curious to get to the beginning and see Walt as Jesse’s teacher.

“Pinkman gets killed we get it all on tape.” Wow, ruthless Hank.

11 confession

So we started off with the nazis, I gotta remember to watch out for that train story, and after we’re with Jesse in interrogation with Hank.

Some Saul bein’ Saul.

Now that’s some good lying to your kid, Walt. Using the cancer.

Ooo they’re gonna make the movie. That was underwhelming.

But now dinner with Hank. That’s whelming to say the least.

Oh now I get it about the movie.

Walt is so fatherly with Jess sitting on Saul’s car in the desert.

What’s with pack of smokes? The ricin cigarette. That’s how Walt poisoned the kid.

10 Buried

I’m guessing that’s the money Jesse threw away that this old man is finding.

Hank didn’t know Skylar was an accomplice. That’s heart breaking.

Man, everybody wants Walt to kill someone. He’s not as bad as the people around him. His wife and his crooked lawyer want him to be a useful evil to further their agenda.

Would have been interesting if Marie had to explain to a cop why she was trying to kidnap Skylar’s kid.

Walt buries the money to a bouncy latin soundtrack.

Someone buy him some goddamn boxer shorts.

So he did pass out and hit his eye, he wasn’t lying to his kid when I said “good lying to your kid”

I feel like they’re drawing a lot of attention to the fact that black-haired lady is wearing the wrong shoes. That was an awesome way of handling a shoot out scene. And poor her for not wanting to see the dead bodies she helped create. Also I have no idea who those guys were.

And we end with Jesse in holding and Hank about to talk to him.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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