Gender Binary

I find it so annoying when people fallow their gender roles. It’s just intellectual laziness. I was thinking about this video, which is hilarious and spot on, but my first thought was actually about a male friend. It’s stupid to me that he and I, who feel differently about the purpose of life, the value of art, friendship, and money, are expected to feel generally the same about things because we both have dicks and any disagreement is an interesting philosophical point. Whereas any disagreement with the opposite gender is because bitches be crazy. It’s intellectually and emotionally dismissive.

The thing that really bugs me though is when woman go along with the expectations of their gender role and act crazy. When “I’m a guy” is used to dismiss a behavior without thinking it’s for something like being attracted to someone or being protective, but I know a number of woman who think “I’m a girl, okay.” means no one should question why they’re throwing screaming matches at people they say they love and/or strangers. neither of which is okay btw. And it’s just drives me nuts when a woman starts a sentence with “Honey…” and then gives useless. cliche advice.

The whole Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus thing is bullshit. We’re both from the plains of Africa, remember? We don’t have wildly different brains, we have all the same hormones just in different amounts, and we all have the same meta-goals in life – to love and to be loved. It’s regressive society that put the gender stereotypes at the forefront and indoctrinated people into thinking relationships are adversarial power contests that you win when you get your way, that all gender interactions must be ranked by how you represented by your team.

I think it comes down to not having an identity. internally or externally, so people recreate characters and stereotypes because it seems socially acceptable in the face of not knowing how to act because you haven’t really thought about it.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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