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I became preoccupied with identity when listening a motivational speaker talk to a marine. The marine said he felt uncomfortable in civilian social situations and asked for help. The speaker said “In the first thirty seconds do you let them

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Songs I wrote that changed the way I wrote songs

Million Dollar Houses I’ve written about MDH before but there’s always more to say about art, right? The way it changed my writing is that it made me see the power of optimism. It was originally supposed to be a

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Advice for the kids I hope never to have

We all want our lives to add up to something, for the knowledge and experience we’ve had to stay on in someway after we die. It’s causes people to have children. Children who hate and resent any advice you give

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Why the song “Another Funeral” nows breaks my heart beyond belief

On the album Richmond Road there is a song called Another Funeral and I’d always wanted to do it with a full band so earlier this year when Greystone Gardens got together I pitched it to the band and we

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