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Breaking Backwards

Still in season 5. I messed up and watched episode 8 without watching episode 9 so holy cow did I feel lost. Anyway in 8 (gliding over all) Walt gets the name of the people in prison who I assume

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Essentialism in Music

I’m an essentialist. I have always been but didn’t learn that word until last year and it was liberating to know that my philosophy was as odd as some of my friends seem to treat it. Basically it’s a mindset

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Getting non-musicians to listen to your music

Fitzy and I were driving and talking about our bands (my 2 favourite things) and he raised the point that rock is an insular scene – bands go to other bands shows and that’s your audience, bands and band-girlfriends. So

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My shortlist of the most well written songs in history

I think about songwriting all day and night, when I listen to music I mentally sink my teeth into the construction of it and reflect on the writers inspirations. Some songs are just so amazing that I’m in awe and

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The (near) end of Alastair as a solo artist

This week I took down my eponymous Reverbnation page and my musician Facebook page. I’ve been writing a lot of music and somethings feel like Alastair Robertson folk songs so I am going to do another solo record at some

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