The (near) end of Alastair as a solo artist

This week I took down my eponymous Reverbnation page and my musician Facebook page. I’ve been writing a lot of music and somethings feel like Alastair Robertson folk songs so I am going to do another solo record at some point. Right now though I’m focused solely on Greystone Gardens above everything else and I want it to be clear that I’m not splitting my time, hedging my bets, or supporting a massive ego. The fact is Greystone can do bigger, better things than I can alone, and I hate it when I see singers (or any member) separate themselves from a band. Art isn’t a democratic process but it’s best when an artist has editors and sounding boards, other people’s inspiration to develop.

Greystone is going to put out 2 EPs this year at least and hopefully a full-length album. That’s ambitious for a group that’s still begging, stealing, and borrowing gear and rides everywhere. The great thing is it’s not just us. A good band is a tight little family but there’s always a network of relatives around. Quade, Fitzy, and of course Simone have already been so supportive of this band it’s great while we’re getting momentum at bit faster than we can get our feet under us. And I’m lucky to have bandmates who are excited to jam two or three times a week, writing at a rapid pace, and always aiming to improve.

We’ve got 18 songs, 200 bucks, and a world to conquer.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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