Breaking Backwards

Still in season 5. I messed up and watched episode 8 without watching episode 9 so holy cow did I feel lost.

Anyway in 8 (gliding over all) Walt gets the name of the people in prison who I assume are witnesses, and he apparently wanted to Ricin Lydia’s coffee but then she offers him the Europe deal. And Hank figures out W.W. while on the toilet, classy. Most of the episode is Walt staring into space and people telling quiet, pointless stories.

So now I’m watching 9 (Blood Money).

Walt figures out that Hank is figuring him out!

Oh yeah, Jesse’s joyride throwing money out of his vehicle.

Back on track and watching ep. 7 (say my name.)

I’m curious to find out who Gus Fring is, and this white haired guy is the Mike who ends up dead, right?

Yeah, I figured.

Overall it’s surprising that I feel really sucked into the story even though I’m going backwards. It’s at the end of every episode that I remember what happens later but during I feel totally involved.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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