Breaking Backwards

Episode 6 The Buyout

I have no idea why Walt and the crew are tearing apart a dirt bike but I’ll bet it involves murder.

So they, actually Todd, killed an innocent witness.

Whoa, Skyler had an affair? I don’t really about the whole plot point of her and Walt being in a rough patch.

I wondered about the pest control tents in other episodes now I get it that they cook in tented homes.

“Are we in the meth business or the money business?” I get it now that Walt’s not really in for the money, later when he’s got an uncountable storage locker of money he doesn’t really care. He’s in it for the perfection of his craft, you see that when he’s talking to Declan. That’s why when he’s out he wants to expand the carwash.

Damn, Walt burning the tie off his wrist.

Episode 5 Dead Freight

So that’s where the tarantula in the jar came from.

Is Walt about to plant the bugs in Hanks office? Yes, yes he is.

What the hell is going on with Mike wanting to shoot Lydia in the head? Oh well she put a hit out on Mike. This is the start of “The Nine.” And hey, the train story Todd is telling way later is going to happen. And sadly a kid is going to get shot.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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