Shout out to Death By Robot and some other stuff from last night

Hey, did I tell you I got new jeans?

I went out feeling tired but awesome last night and really in a mood to see some new bands. I saw that list of the “15 great Calgary bands to check out” and rather than be annoyed, like some scensters, that I didn’t know any of the bands I listened to all of them. And I liked a few of them. I felt like there’s a big musical scene here and I’ve gotten a little myopic.

It seems to me that the indie scene, which in my world means Deluge and bands that play with Deluge, is alive, active and flourishing unlike Punk which is insular and diminishing. There was a sense last night at Vern’s that this wasn’t a group of musician-friends who all play for each other every couple weeks, the audience there was actually the beatroute-reading public who check out bands looking for the up and coming.

So the only remarkable thing about the first band was that the drummer kept his phone on a pad on his drum kit and was looking at it during the set, while playing. Kurt and I were really hoping it would fall or he’d inadvertently hit it.

Then was Death By Robot. Definitely a presence right off the bat but I wasn’t sure if I liked or hated them. It seemed like they were smugly ironic hipsters saying ‘hey isn’t it funny that we’re playing stupid old rock n roll?’ and I like my rock n roll earnest. By the third song though I could tell that the singer, Jeremy, does have a real love for rock showmanship and the band is fun and a bit stylized. I grabbed a shirt, a CD, and some stickers for my drum kit. Then I accidentally started walking away with someone else’s beer.

Followed by Deluge. I’ll admit I thought the boys were a little off their game lately but last night they absolutely killed. It was a rockstravaganza, the new material is tight, the guys had the fire. An old friend of mine was there and hadn’t seen Deluge so I talked them up a lot and especially Dave and my buddy agreed after that Dave’s a unique brand of pure rock n roller. Tony and I talked later in the night and like I’ve said before, he’s an Olympian of the scene, he’s up for days at a time planning shows, jamming with three bands, staying connected to every venue. He’s the musical equivalent of the kid on the hockey team who’s out on the ice before the rest of team shows up and he’s still there long after.

Seriously though I love these jeans, most comfortable pants ever.


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