breaking backwards

S5: E4 Fifty-One

Okay it’s new car time…I imagine the next episode I watched will end with a car crash.

And some dubstep.

Lydia must be upset about something because she’s wearing 2 different shoes. The reason she’s later almost killed must have started. “Ron’s done.” Was Ron a big deal? I’ve never heard of him.

Skylar’s not thrilled about the new cars. And she’s surprised that Walt is cooking again, that’s a shock to me. Obviously he took a break prior.

Fring? He’s a dead kingpin and Walt cooked for him.

Walt you probably don’t have a birthday party waiting for you. I’ll get to find out about Skylar’s affair soon hopefully. Or she’ll try to drown herself.

Lydia finds the gps on the container.

The kids being moved out happens and the bedroom fight gets intense.

I can look forward to Jess pointing a gun at Walt’s head.

Episode 3 Hazard Pay

“The man is dead and the lab is a hole in the ground” So clearly these guys are The Nine that Mike’s going to talk to.

Walt was moved out?

Ah, the start of the tenting! And the introduction of Todd.

I thought those were good looking road cases.

Ooh, the woman and the kid in Jesse’s life. The kid’s already been poisoned but Walt doesn’t let on that he knows who he is.

And Hank was out of work? From the gunshot I guess.

So the affair was with Ted and he’s hurt but I feel unclear on who exactly hurt him.

Episode 2: Madrigal

I’m three minutes in and I feel like this German food guy is going to blow his brains out or jump to his death.

Or kill himself with a defib at the five minute mark.

What’s with the cigarette, is that the ricin?

We get it, Lydia’s uptight.

Good interrogation scene with Hank and Mike, couple of badasses at work.

Whoa, someone’s about to try and kill Mike then, I assume, he’s gonna go super bad ass on them. He knows them.

Lydia’s also hella focused and determined when faced with death.

Skylar still hates Walt.

Season Premiere.

Does this 52nd birthday at Denny’s thing ever happen again? I don’t think so. It must be on his drive back from the cabin in the finale.

Gustavo is dead, Mike just found out. This episode is going to be about getting the laptop back. Or destroyed/erased.

I figured Walt would think of magnets but cool that it was Jesse.

So I know more about the affair, there was some money laundering involved, but I guess I’ll have to watch season 4.


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