When A Band Loses A Member

Name all the Beatles:

Did you say John, Paul, George, and Ringo? The Fab Four, the most important band in history is those four pillars of personality, right?

Pete Best is spinning in his grave. And he’s not even dead. For the pop culture retards out there, Pete was the Beats first drummer who got kicked out before they got big and replaced with notoriously shite drummer Richard Starkley, AKA Ringo Starr because they liked him more as person.

A lot of times when a band loses one member in the “Early Years” it’s glossed over but sometimes it starts a pattern like Rise Against who basically went through a guitarist a record for all their best albums, or Marilyn Manson who started with revolving door guitarists then moved up to ego-manically firing his whole band one at a time. And that’s why you don’t let the singer name the band after himself (looking at you too former members of White Zombie). That touches on singers going solo which usually also isn’t as good but is sort of a different topic. On switching singers though, Pantera got away with an Early Years switch to Phil Anselmo that no one looks back on while a lot of big old timey metal bands switch singers just to end up switching back.

Fans almost always feel original members are the real members of a band but that actually means the line up when they became fans. You’d have to have lived in Freehold, New Jersey in 1976 to not think of Max Weinberg as the real drummer for The E Street Band. On the other hand no one became a G n’ R fan after all those line-up switches so hence all the “Where’s Slash?” signs.

So the earlier the better I guess is the universal truth.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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