Breaking Backwards season 4

Season four finale starts with a very beat up Walt in a hospital, with a bomb apparently. I’m finally going to get to see Gus.

And I’m going to see the whole kid-poisoning thing.

I have no idea who the bad ass woman is in Saul’s office.

Marie is a lot younger looking in this season.

Well now I understand that comment about Gustav losing half his face.

Jesse’s cooking in chains again, poor guy. By again I mean from my point of view this is the second time, I suppose there could be more.

So Jesse thought Gus poisoned the kid and that’s why he was down to kill him. Also Jesse is such a fucking cryer.

Okay but when Brock is sick his first thought was Walt and the fucking master that he is turns it around so slowly.

Wow, the start of Crawl Space is pretty intense with Mike and Fring wounded in Jesse’s car.

Oh yeah the affair, I forgot. I’m going to feel a bit foolish if there never was one and discussion of it was a cover for whatever book-cooking Sky was doing.

I assumed Hank’s injuries were from getting shot but wow, deliberate car accident.

Crawl Space is a kick ass episode.

Salud is an okay episode, now I know why Gus and Mike were messed up. And Gus is kind of a cool bad ass.

Actually he’s a massively cool bad ass in Bug.

Whoa Jesse is thinking of poisoning Fring!?

I’m in the beginning of Problem Dog and I’m unclear on why Junior’s car is supposed to be sold but Walt decides to torch it. Woo hoo, the making of the Ricin. I really wanted to know where it came from.

I’m getting the impression that Skylar hasn’t known about the cooking very long at this point.

Wow, in Bullet Points when you realize Jesse’s money going to get stolen and then later he just doesn’t care. I like him when he’s a bad ass and not the cry baby he turns into.

Marie is a kleptomaniac? Also I’m assuming these injuries are finally from Hank’s attempted assassination.

Finally getting to see the trashing of Jesse’s house.

Okay now some of the car wash crap is making sense, looking forward to seeing Walt working at a car wash.

Alright on to episode one!

This must be Gale. Doing Breaking Backwards I always meet people the day they die.

Lot more questions than answers at the end (beginning) of this season. Don’t know why or when Walt moved out, don’t know anything about Gale except he’s a dead meth cook, don’t know anything more about Gus but their relationship is already tense, don’t know much about Brock’s mom either. Well anyway on to season 3!


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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