The First and Second Circle Of Fans

Greystone Gardens has fans. Not a lot all things considered but for a band that’s 4 months old it feels incredible.

Imagine Captain America’s shield. Greystone is the star in the centre and around that is the first tier of friends and family who like, and are proud of, the band. The people who almost like peripheral members and excitedly sell merch and mention us to their other friends. They usually end up doing favours like talking photos, hauling gear, designing logos, or being a sympathetic ear. So big thanks to Alva, Quade, Fitzy, Chris, and of course Simone.

Then last night we went next level. Other musicians. That next circle of fans for a band is members of other bands. Getting theĀ seal of approval from Dave and Tony of Deluge last night means a lot to me. Same with Brad of The Good Rivals, who also compared our sound to Gaslight Anthem. Bands being fans of bands is what makes a scene, throw some local music journalists and venue bookers and you’ve really got something going.

The outer rim is the public, the general public who doesn’t really know we exist yet and to the one’s that do we’re just another local band. But after seeing strangers dancing to even our sad songs last night I really feel out to conquer the world.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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