Breaking Backwards Season 3

Well I’m really curious to see Jesse murder Gale and the explanation of why Walt thinks he’s gone. Hmm, so later when Walt’s drinking and he calls the author of the note book an amateur it’s Gale’s notebook and that’s why he mocks it. And Walt is really quick to decide to murder Gale.

This is one of the interesting backwards thing, I know Jesse kills Gale but right now Walt is saying he’ll do it.

Awesome episode!

I’m at the end of Half Measure. I know that something happens to those dealers and I know Walt’s car is trashed so here we go…

First a hospital handjob though.

Damn, another great episode.

But then “Fly”, was that whole thing just to get them talking about Jane’s car accident? I figured at first the fly would be a metaphor for Walt’s fastidiousness but man did that get heavy-handed about… i dunno, inevitability?

Anyway onto Kafkaesque. Apparently Hank just got shot, so next episode maybe I’ll get to see the shooting and the warning call and all that. I’ve heard about the warning call and I assumed Walt made it but seems it was Fring.

And holy is Jesse beat to shit. “Roll me further, bitch.” I want that on a t-shirt. Well there’s Hank on a stretcher. Whoa, Hank did that to Jesse?

I have seen the Hank shooting scene. Finally. And if douche bag space suit hadn’t gone for the axe he’d still be alive.

Into the next episode now I guess I get to follow the cousins journey from Mexico. And the divorce, which I guess just happened. Ooh and I finally get the explanation of that killer coffee machine in the lab.

What happened in El Paso?

Oh I guess I’m about to find out, they’re at the airport. Or not. And Walt was still teaching in season 3? Crazy.

[Alright, I’ll watch episodes 2, 1, at a later date. I’m crashin’.]


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