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A general update, the two jobs thing, upcoming tour, and all that

Just in case anyone is thinking they haven’t heard from me in a while it’s because I’m two-timing it on the job front. Finishing the school year at the Gateway and working nights at Roosevelt on 17th. Saturday and Sunday

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Breaking Backwards Season 2 (finale to episode 6)

There’s that bear in the pool everyone was talking about. And Jane’s dead. I get to look forward to Skylar finding some money and a plane crash. I get to learn more about Jane and I still don’t know why

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Breaking Backward Season 3, episodes 1,2, and 3

So I just finished episode 3 and holy crap. “I fucked Ted.” I was wondering about those blue ribbons and Walt just mentioned, before getting pepper sprayed, that it’s for the plane crash, I caught a bit of that plane

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Why I can’t “Talk To You” about my depression

The first thing anyone does when they perceive someone is feeling depressed is try to ignore it. I do it too. Seeing that someone else is hurting feels like a sinkhole best avoided in the hopes the next time you

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