Breaking Backward Season 3, episodes 1,2, and 3

So I just finished episode 3 and holy crap. “I fucked Ted.”

I was wondering about those blue ribbons and Walt just mentioned, before getting pepper sprayed, that it’s for the plane crash, I caught a bit of that plane crash stuff from Saul later.

And a 45 day sober Jesse is talking to his dad at his house, at least I’m pretty sure that’s his house. Does he buy his parents house? Also he looks like he’s wearing make up because I’m so use to seeing meth head Jesse.

Okay, here’s another great bit going backwards. I’ve seen the rehab councilor a dozen times and I’m just now hearing the story of how he killed his daughter. Wow.

I was starting to suspect that Skylar just found out and I was right. I’m extremely curious about this plane crash though.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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