Breaking Backwards Season 2 (finale to episode 6)

There’s that bear in the pool everyone was talking about. And Jane’s dead. I get to look forward to Skylar finding some money and a plane crash.

I get to learn more about Jane and I still don’t know why the cousins were coming to kill Walt.

I haven’t been writing much because I’m just really sucked into the Jane storyline. Knowing that she dies doesn’t make watching Walt watch her die any easier.

And speaking of death, Combo’s about to die. I wouldn’t really know who he is except for that flash back about buying the RV.

You know, there just isn’t that much to write about at this point, except that I’m about to find out who badger is and why he got arrested. Wait that guys name is Badger? I’ve seen him a dozen times I don’t think he ever got called Badger.

I think I’m about to find out what happened in El Paso, Hank’s laid up. Or Juarez, I guess.

Oh my God, am I seeing the debut of Saul?

Ooh the other guy who goes to jail as Heisenberg is bought and paid for, did not know that.

So I knew that Jesse didn’t kill that guy, his wife did, but I have no idea who it was. Okay it was a junkie who ripped off Skinny Pete. And we get to keep seeing the caring side of Jesse.

I guess that’s Jesse’s story of thinking he’s a good person despite what he does, then realizing that he isn’t. And whenever he realizes he isn’t he gets deeper into drugs.


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