A general update, the two jobs thing, upcoming tour, and all that

Just in case anyone is thinking they haven’t heard from me in a while it’s because I’m two-timing it on the job front. Finishing the school year at the Gateway and working nights at Roosevelt on 17th. Saturday and Sunday mornings are my only unscheduled time.

I didn’t think I’d survive last week when I started working doubles and I had a cold but now I’ve 90% beaten that and my body has adjusted to the near-complete lack of rest between strenuous tasks. Normally I focus on stability and staying positive through work, which I know sounds odd to people who knew me as the most vicious of cynics but reading a lot of motivational books and sports psychology and I’ve internalized a lot of good things. Including accepting the low points and powering through. So I’m having big highs and lows now which isn’t great for me but it works in the short term.

I’m off from both jobs from the first to the tenth of May, spending most of time in Edmonton, doing music stuff. Evan and I are supposed to be driving out to Kamloops for a show but vehicular trouble has jeopardized that one. Bunch of days off in E-town before a show at Bohemia on the 7th then back home so I can play with Greystone at Lord Nelsons on the 8th for a show that should be pretty great, then Red Deer and there’s a Cafe Absinthe on the 11th that I might be able to go to depending on work.

The thing about working 2 jobs, and I found this last time too, is that making use of extremely limited free time is a skill. It’s easy to put things off when you have all day, all week, to do it but with two hours a day? You get shit done. Plus it’s a weird relief to still have money because I haven’t had time to go shopping or nights to go drinking.

I’ve had no time for songwriting and the least inspiration of my life though. I’m just in kitchens working, staying on the task at hand because that’s what you have to do when you’re not rested enough and feel like shit. It’s like running a marathon, you have to plow forward and not ask yourself how you feel or why you’re doing this. During the days off of tour I’m planning on catching up on all the unfinished songs that have been back-burnered lately.

Actually for me it’s kind of a relief to have no time to think about the band. I thought about the band all day and night since it started to point where it was overwhelming for me and for them. If I can ease back on the gas pedal for a minute everyone can catch up, gain perspective, and level up, including me. I wanted to start recording the second EP before the first one was even close to done. That seems ridiculous to me now.

We’re going to get the first acoustic EP out next month, start tracking the second one after that, then a low-fi EP of our 60’s rock n roll type songs. So 3 EPs this year and no release parties because I want our debut full length release party to be a big deal. When Josh gets back after the summer we’re updating the logo and doing more shirts, plus stickers, posters and all that.

This detour into hardworking non-artist life will be good for me as long as it’s temporary. I could lose myself for a while to the rat race then get burned out and depressed until I come back to my core and then, like other times in my life, I’d be kicking myself for losing a year of productivity.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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One comment on “A general update, the two jobs thing, upcoming tour, and all that
  1. Jayne says:

    Like you need another song to think about right now, but Noir at the Bar for June has a theme of ‘Love in Transit’ and a bunch of us are working on 5-minute stories or poems around that. You’d be a natural to do some deeply cynical song of doomed love, like a dark Frank Sinatra maybe? No date yet, but in June.

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