On Bojack Season 2

image15Bojack fandom is spread far and wide through the guys in my circle of friends but there’s an unspoken split among those who see it as a comedy with some emotional moments and those who see it as a tragedy with jokes here and there to break the tension. And it all comes down to whether you identify with Bojack or not. Which I do so while the show has some amazing laugh out loud jokes and some great slow burning whimsy for me the show is about the characters all on their own search for happiness.

So here’s my non-comprehensive list of the biggest moments in Bojack Horseman Season 2

1. Bojack gets a girlfriend. Instead of spending all his time pining… then he breaks it off and goes after the fantasy he’s been pining for. In season 1 BJ mostly pines for Diane, who knows what a mess he his and avoids the emotional traps he lays out. Then he meets Wanda. Bojack is drawn to Wanda because she doesn’t know him (thanks to her coma) and he thinks he can become a better person because she has no preconceived notions of him. It’s when she’s dismissive of his loser friends that Boj lets the relationship fall apart because he identifies with them first and foremost. Which is a shame because when he says “I love you” and then takes it back she has the insight to handle it in a way he understands. So we get a window into what a functioning relationship would be like for Bojack.

2. Mr. Peanut Butter is the star this season. Before he was just the dumb, easy-to-hate, happy L.A douchebag but in this season we get to see that he’s a lot more insightful than he lets on and that his positivity really is a benefit. He excels at the first job he walks into (Lady Footlocker) and does so well he gets offered a game show. And he saves his relationship with Diane twice while she’s completely selfish and a little cruel to him, and he does it by making her feel better not by ‘winning’ arguments. He’s a stand-up guy he deserves to be happy and he deserves to like himself. Which is what drives everyone fucking nuts about him.

3. The Prom Night Episode. When I went through the season the first time I froze during this episode and when it was over I was in shock, I declared the season brilliant. The second time I went through I couldn’t watch it. The scene before and at the hospital is the only time I’ve felt disgusted by Bojack’s behavior. All other times BJ’s been really low the edge is taken off by comedy or by understanding that he’s in pain but this time he’s fully the bad guy and all he cares about is not getting found out. And after that, when he can’t get what he wants so he lets the daughter into his room is so ugly and awful because, like she said, she really does like him and thinks he’s special but for him it means nothing, he just wants to mitigate the pain he’s in which is all pain he caused. That episode is about how he wants to re-write the ending of a story from 20 years ago and he doesn’t care that he endangered the lives of some teenagers who trusted him and tried to rip apart a happy family to do so.

And just to balance it out the biggest laughs are:

1) When Todd tricks the mouse out of J.D. Salinger’s pen, 2) when Todd tries to trick Diane out of an iPad, and -of course- 3) the elephant in the room.


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