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Cecil the lion, the casualties cancellation, and the Calgary Stampede Double Team!

We’ll start with Cecil The Lion and the relative value of animals we like. Yeah big game “Hunters” who don’t do any actual hunting are douchebags. We see it as rich, naive, entitled leeches boasting, conspicuous consumption with majestic living creatures. But that’s exactly it, we only care about rare, cute, or majestic animals. That lion had a relatively good lion life until the day he was killed, millions and millions of chickens, pigs, and cows live their whole lives in industrialized torture and we don’t care. In fact we hate vegetarians who are as smug and uppity about chickens as you are about lions and rhinos. But because it’s not an excuse to demand the decapitation of an otherwise harmless upper middle class dentist we won’t engage with that story. Yeah he’s a douchebag, so are you, don’t forget that.

The Casualties Cancellation. Oh crap here we go. When the Palomino cancelled the show my first thought was “Please don’t let The D pick up the show.” Just because I didn’t want them to get sucked into the shit storm.

So really we have two sides who think they’re opposing each other but actually aren’t, both are yelling slightly passed one another. One side saying Jorge Herrera is a rapist and should pretty much be tarred and feathered while the other side is saying Jorge Herrera is accused of a crime and we shouldn’t tar and feather someone for being a accused of something. You see how those aren’t the same argument?

And I agree we must always be watchful of witch hunts, and it’s even tougher in a scene where everyone prides themselves on not taking popular points of view and everyone casts their side as the embattled, enlightened underdogs.

The problem is the people yelling witch hunt are only doing that. Just saying there’s no absolute proof so we should do nothing. They just want a way to turn a blind eye to this because it’s messy.

The fact is they’re hiding behind certainty as an excuse. We can’t be 100% certain of anything, we can’t be 100% certain the sun will come up tomorrow but we can deduce that, based on the evidence we have, that it probably will and we can act accordingly. Jorge Herrera might not have violently groped some teenage girls, this could all be mob mentality started by false accusations. But does anyone honestly think that’s probable? If I gave you a drink and dozens of people said it was poisoned while I said it might not be, would you drink it? Would you want your teenage sister or daughter or friend to drink it? Just because you like the drink’s shitty music? Just because you want to take a subversive attitude toward poison drinks? Sorry, allegedly poisoned drinks.

Let’s end with Stampede Double Team, even though I know it didn’t happen this week I needed a third story for this post. She’s tried to get ahead of the public shaming and own up to it with a positive attitude but it didn’t work out long term and she’s resorted to stripping. People who think she deserved to get run out of town and go into sex work are smug judgmental scum. I’ll let Monica Lewinsky bring it home for ya.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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