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Breaking Backwards the first episode

Well it’s done. The experiment is complete, I’ve watched Breaking Bad from the end to the beginning. The last little mysteries I wanted answers to were the bullet holes in the door of the RV, they’re prominent a few times

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Ten Minute Blogs and Three Hour Blogs

It’s easy when I’m at my most depressed and suicidal to write honestly and prolifically. Feeling that I’m going to die gives an importance to what I say and write in that time and takes away anxiety about any real

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Am I Arrogant Or Am I Humble?

Ben nailed when he said “Alastair’s not exactly rude, he just doesn’t waste the time to pretend he’s interested in what you’re saying.” I think of life as extremely short and goal-oriented so those normal conversations when people are talking

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Breaking Backward season 2

All done season two from last to first and let’s start by saying holy fuck Tuco is crazy. Like super fucking nuts. He gets mentioned a lot later in the series and I’ve only seen his death and his abducting

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Am I Stronger Or Am I Lazy?

I’m feeling much better in a general sense. I’ve gotten good at turning off the pressure and expectations, the near constant feeling of shame I was going through. But like a great songwriter once said “Anyone can be sane on

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this is a trailer

I’ve been at Distortion 4 nights in a row. The heart of the Calgary Beer Core. I need to sober up and process everything. The days are all distinct and yet they all blur together. I spent a cumulative 5

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Ten minute blog #3 (drunk edition)

The biggest thing I liked about Bojack Horseman is his notion that the things you want when you’re drunk are sincere compared to the things you aspire to in your day-to-day life. Bojack assume that the love of his life

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