Ten Minute Blog #2

“Ah the healing power of jam” – Steve Richter

I quote all the time, sometimes just in my head mid-band practice it goes off like a light bulb. I got into a horrid mood before practice last night because of the transit situation, Towelie not coming, and the general loss of momentum in the band right now, as well as just being in a bad mood because I’m unemployed lethargic and starving. But even before we started playing I was a bit cheered up because Carla and Rob were glad to see me. Then we played out old punk stuff to warm up – literally we were cold and damp – and I started having a blast. I remember why being a musician is the core of who I am and I don’t play those songs on my own anymore so they’ve taken on a freshness. It’s refreshing when I struggle all day with songwriting and feel like I suck to go play old songs that turned out great and remember how, while writing them, I thought they were turning out sucky.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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