Breaking Backward season 2

All done season two from last to first and let’s start by saying holy fuck Tuco is crazy. Like super fucking nuts. He gets mentioned a lot later in the series and I’ve only seen his death and his abducting Walt and Jesse.

I finally got to see the whole ‘fugue state’ thing. And the real beginning of the end of their marriage.

And speaking of, my other major thought is that this show hates woman. There are two female characters who are both purely awful. Really this show casts a terrible light on everything middle class, white, and safe, even Shrader looks like a chump most of the time but at least his gets his macho moments. The woman do nothing but bitch and gossip and ruin things.

Yeah Skylar’s life falls apart. You can’t expect anyone to handle that well but man she is a selfish, demanding, unhelpful bitch. And her sister is worse. Not a drop of empathy in either of them.

I’m already into season one, about to watch Skylar try and return the tiara. Really I just want to get the beginning and watch it chronologically.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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