Breaking Backwards the first episode

Well it’s done. The experiment is complete, I’ve watched Breaking Bad from the end to the beginning.

The last little mysteries I wanted answers to were the bullet holes in the door of the RV, they’re prominent a few times in the series, and what the fuck was with Jesse’s face in episode three. Turns out he’s wearing make-up to cover a black eye but man did that confuse me when I noticed it. Oh yeah the ceiling hole in Jesse’s house, I definitely wondered about that until he started pouring the acid in the tub.

I got to see Walt’s first kill. He’s kills easily throughout the series so I was curious to see how he got there.

Fun fact: I’m pretty sure the woman behind Jesse when he climbs out the window in episode 1 is pornstar Brandi Love.

So overall what did I think of the show?

Of course I liked it, everyone knows it’s one of the best shows I’m not at all surprised I like it.

It feels a bit odd that I have the least to talk about now that it’s over. All the things I wondered about were answered. The first season feels different, it feels much more like a drama about cancer than the cartoonish action of the later seasons. And all the stuff with Grey Matter and Walt’s rich old frenemies bookends the whole show, which was odd for me because it’s nowhere in the middle.

Overall I don’t think I enjoyed the show any less than someone who watched it chronologically. It’s true that I never had any suspense or surprise when someone died but I was always able to get into the emotional space of the scenes and feel for the characters. I do think there are a few gaps in my understanding of the narrative, mostly the Nathan Gail stuff. That was the only time the opening scenes (which are usually flash forwards) threw me off.

Now I am going to go through chronologically, mostly because the later seasons are a lot of fun.

Cheers, guys, thanks for reading.


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