Uncertainty in the Gardens

Greystone is kind of on a high right now and kind of on hold right now. The show last week was great, the new shirts are great, stickers just came in, it feels like we’re rolling but we’re actually frozen right now. We hadn’t planned on doing another show without Towelie, actually the truth is we just never talked about it, but the feeling was that we’d get thru the show which was set up before the Los Kung Fu tour and then we’d take a break.

But then the show was amazing and everyone, us included, wanted us to do another one. We could have got some momentum going if we struck while the iron was hot.

The first practice after the show we played all the stuff we hadn’t played in weeks because we’d just been jamming the setlist with Chris and it was a lot of fun. Playing the longer, weirder, sadder stuff as opposed to the straight forward rock and roll we like to play live got me wanting to do something different, like an acoustic show or just something more interesting.

I also really want to work on some videos but a lot of that would require band shots so I’m trying to think of other ideas. I’m also really excited for the next t-shirt designs I’m cooking up. I haven’t had a lot of chances to express myself as a visual artist and I’m loving it right now.

Weirdly I’m not into songwriting right now. Greystone has about thirty songs and we haven’t really recorded any of them. I feel like I need to get an album or two out there before I can clear my head and write anything new but we’ll see, inspiration still hits me now and then.

Really though the thing that’s worrying me is Towelie taking a long time to get into our swing of things or coming back as a different person all together and that’s something I can’t do anything about.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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