The history of the wine and cheese part 1

The first wine and cheese was actually sort of an after thought. Towelie and I were roommates and we went suit shopping. Then we needed a reason to wear them. And history was born. And then history was wildly inflated as history always is. I remember a lot of people didn’t believe us about suiting up and clearly felt a bit sheepish around those did (which still does happen to at least one person every year). Thankfully Jay brought scotch because at the end of the night we were all wined out. That’s how it became The Wine And Cheese Scotch next time.


It was at the second WC that we came up with the idea of calling each one the third annual. Second annual didn’t sound all that impressive and if you’re going to call second third then you have to call them all third. Or I think we also talked about skipping a number each to to keep everyone confused. And that actually ends up happening anyway because they all end up feeling like a long time ago and since we counted them all as the third no one ever agrees which one we’re really on. But every year someone does say “This isn’t really the third one is it? I though last year was the third year?”

Sadly I have no photos at this time.

I think it was the second year towelie had started working at jubilations and brought a guy named Ben. I can’t remember the name of the other guy who came with Ben but he committed the sin of bringing cheese wiz. We had talked about just such an offense before and towelie and I agreed that the first person to do it is funny and anyone after gets told to leave. The same rule applies to boxed wine now.

Anyway the Ben story… When Ben and his cohort arrived they knocked on the door, I opened it, and they walked right passed me without saying anything. It just stuck in my craw a little bit and as the night went on I got more and more annoyed with this character. Add alcohol and stir. At one point we were standing in the usual party circle and as the laughter from one joke or another faded I just suddenly ripped into him. Verbally that is. I tore him to shreds with shit like “You’re not one of us, you don’t belong here, etc.” then I walked away. Everyone was thinking WTF was that and so was I. I explained it to Towelie later that night and he explained it to Ben the next day who sent me an apology for ‘barging in’ as I put it.

That was also the first year Simone came to a W.C. and the year I got my Giovanni (more on that later.)

Third year…. I have no recollections at this time. No photos either. This may have been the year Jay was up north…

Fourth Year.


Me taking a rare selfie before the event.


So this was the one at Towelie’s place after he’d moved out of our Richmond Road place. This was the year Towelie got his Giovanni (more on that later) and an all around good year.

Okay last year, as in the year previous to this year not the final year, knock on wood. The year Jay got his Giovanni (more on that later…kidding) Giovanni is an extremely old Italian Tailor in our neighborhood and I got my Admiral’s jacket made by him, Towelie got his black suit there and Jay got his Tan ensemble from him too. Also pictured, Quade. Boring old Quade.wineandcheese2014 021

wineandcheese2014 039.JPG

And it was the year that Greystone Gardens formed and Rob and Carla were there! There was some dancing and someone danced Carla and her glass of wine right into the TV. When someone pointed out the kidney shaped wine stain on the carpet I grabbed Jay’s glass and splashed it on the floor as well. Then I said “there, now everyone’s doing it.”

The tradition was that W&C was always on the last Sunday of November because almost everyone we knew worked weekends and had Monday, Tuesday off. But that lead to this…DSC02312.JPG

This is Fitzy and I right before he drove me to work the next day. Yeah, just drink that in.

So this year new apartment, new friends, no furniture. It’s going to be a humble one on our part because I’m recovering from unexpected unemployment and unexpected moving over the summer and Towelie is just back from tour but we have more friends than ever before and it’s on a Saturday so the M-F crowd we roll with now can attend. Also new kittens! Simone and I are worried about them a lot naturally and if anyone feeds them or tries to get them drunk Simone will slash you with broken glass. No joke.

I’m expecting some noise complaints because this new place is an old place and has no sound-proofing. With the amount of musicians coming this year I wouldn’t be surprised if some acoustic guitars got brought out at some point. Aw well, time will tell.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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