Atheists are not militant

If a theist tells you about their faith they’re evangelical. If an atheist tells you about their rational lack of faith they get called militant.

You know what’s actually militant? Guns, knives, and bombs like the type that fundamentalist use to murder heretics, infadels and apostates. If you draw a picture and says it’s the prophet Mohammed a Muslim may come and kill you. Not because they have a diagnosable mental illness or a tragic up bringing but because they think it’s the honorable thing to do.

Don’t compare me to that because you’re suspicious of anyone with an opinion of how to make a better world and think they must be a closet despot. I want the world to be a safe place for everyone and I know humans are capable of ethical decisions without supernatural rewards and punishments.

Let’s say a woman shows her face in public. Fine by good old atheist me but there’s a slice of the Muslim pie chart that thinks the appropriate thing to do is throw acid in her eyes. That’s bad.

There’s no argument for different beliefs being respected and to-each-their-own because that practice, and any similar, is barbaric. If you want to talk about respecting different beliefs when human rights are being violated you’re an apologist and a coward.

Now are you saying that those people don’t represent Muslims, those are fundamentalist nut jobs?  Do you know what the word fundamental means? Think it over, Google it if you have to.

Fundamentalist Muslims and Christians that we bad mouth all the time are the ones who actually believe in their religion, they’re the ones who believe God means what he says.

You know what a rational religious person is? An atheist in denial. Think about it, if someone really believed in the possibility of being denied eternal paradise for eating shellfish do you think they’d risk it?

So yeah as atheists we want the world to be a better place and I think we have a few ideas on getting there, that doesn’t mean that I actually have one fucking thing in common with religious fundamentalists or nazis or whatever outrageous example assholes who think they’re objective and insightful can come up with. And to suggest that we do is a cowards way out of dealing with global and inter-personal problems.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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